Welcome to the renewed website of the
Belgian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

We are proud to welcome you to our renewed website, where you can get all the info you need about our profession.

Our Credo

The aim of the Belgian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitaton to optimise patient care.

Our Vision

To be the driving force and the primary and preferred partner in Belgium for all issues regarding Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Our Mission

  • To promote the scientific development of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Belgium
  • To organise scientific meetings and encourage doctors in training to actively participate through presentations;
  • To liaise with European and international organisations pursuing the same goal;
  • To provide encouragement awards for scientific work to be published or published in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;
  • To promote the creation of study groups in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Members can access the statutes here for their perusal.

In a dedicated member section our society members will find contact details of their colleagues, interesting job announcements, the statutes of our society, etc…

Also stay tuned for upcoming national and international congresses and courses! The congress agenda is regularly updated. If you have an interesting event to announce, please send details via the Contact page or by sending an email to our secretariat: rbsprm@medicongress.com.


  • PhD Vacancy at University of Brescia, Italy

    There will be a public competition, and the winner will receive the PhD. The participation will have to be differentiated between Italians and foreigners:

    • Italians (all those who graduated in Italy) should participate to the "ordinary" PhD, and the first one who will win without payment by the University will be enrolled by Don Gnocchi Foundation (that will pay around 21.000 Euros per year).

    • Foreigners (all those who graduated abroad) should participate to the section for foreigners: the probability to win here is usually much higher. In case of victory, they will be paid by the University of Brescia and work at Don Gnocchi.

    The place of work will be in Rovato - Piazza Paolo VI 1, at the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine of the Don Gnocchi Foundation and University of Brescia. This structure is going to be established in the next weeks in agreement between Don Gnocchi Foundation and University of Brescia: on September 20th will be signed an agreement with Cochrane for the PRM Field.

    You should present for "Neurosciences".

    Foreigners will be paid by the University around 15,000 Euro per year, will have University facilities at very low price for lodging, and will have 1,400 Euro at the 2nd and 3rd year for your research expenses.

    Please remember that a Bachelor degree is not enough: You must have a Master or a 5-6 year full degree - this will be fully reported in the official call.

    Click here to see the web page of the PhD program.

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