ECMT 2019 - Manual therapy: the future aHEAD // Cervico-cephalic complaints

Welcome to ECMT 2019 - European Congress Manual Therapy

In recent times where Europe is searching for a more efficient healthcare system (more economic savings) and where the need for evidence based practice is high, ECMT 2019 wants to highlight the relevance and benefits of manual therapy. The most recent evidence based studies in relationship with manual therapy will be presented. Challenges and threats will be discussed. Future pathways will be presented.

ECMT 2019 gives scientists and researchers - with special interest in manual therapy - the opportunity to present the most recent results of their latest studies.

ECMT 2019 places 'manual therapy' in the picture.

ECMT 2019 offers therapists the chance to stay updated and keep in touch (networking) with other (European) colleagues.